I. brand brand 1 [brænd] noun [countable]
MARKETING a name given to a product by a company so that the product can easily be recognized by its name or its design:

• Virgin's aim is to ensure that all its products and services match and exploit the brand.

• the Lancôme brand of cosmetics

• This is a company with strong brands and a good position in many markets.

• We built the Veuve Clicquot brand slowly over seven years.

• Argos bought five factories and developed its own brand called Fortuna.

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A brand is a type of product made by a particular company. You use brand to talk about products that you use every day, such as food and drink or cleaning products:

• They sell many different kinds of coffee, including some of the less well-known brands.

A make is the name of a particular product or the company that makes it, used especially about things such as electrical equipment and cars, but not about food or drink:

• "What make of car do you own?” “A Mercedes."

A model is one particular type of car or machine from the various types that a company produces:

• We produce a range of different computers, but this is our most popular model.

A label is a name representing the company that is selling a product:

• These products are manufactured overseas to a standard approved by the store and sold under their own label.

aspiˈrational ˌbrand MARKETING
a brand that people think is a very high quality brand, which will give them a higher position in society if they buy it:

• In China, the most coveted aspirational brands are Chanel and Versace.

conˈsumer brand MARKETING
a brand for goods bought by the public rather than by businesses:

• major consumer brands such as Knorr soups and Hellmann's mayonnaise

ˈdealer's brand MARKETING
a product sold in a supermarket or other large shop with a label that shows the name of the shop selling it. Dealer's brands are usually cheaper than other products of the same type
ˈhouse brand also ˈown brand, ˈstore brand MARKETING
a brand for goods sold with the name of a shop, rather than the producer of the goods. House brands are usually cheaper than others:

• Many supermarket chains have their own house brand cereals.

ˈprivate brand MARKETING
a type of product sold by a store or supplier, which uses the store or supplier's own name, or a name chosen by them:

• Wild Oats sells its own private brand of organic milk.

ˈsignature brand MARKETING
1. a range of products that is the most famous thing produced by a company:

• The company launched its own signature brand beauty products.

2. a product or range of products that have a famous name on them:

• the Levi Strauss signature brand

ˈstand-alone ˌbrand MARKETING
a brand that is only used for one type of product, rather than for several different types:

• stand-alone brands like Ariel and Häagen-Dazs ice-cream

  [m0] II. brand brand 2 verb [transitive]
MARKETING to give a name to a product or group of products so that they can be easily recognized by their name or design; ➔ branding:

• We have made great efforts to brand our books by putting the company's name on the front and back covers.

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brand UK US /brænd/ noun [C] MARKETING, COMMERCE
the name of a product produced or sold by a particular company: »

It was to become the leading brand of specialty coffee in North America.


The group is expanding its key brands north of the border.

a well-known/popular/top-selling brand »

The supermarket's own label range has now surpassed a number of top selling brands.


a fashion/fast food/car brand


domestic/international/global brands


premium/luxury/quality brands

See also ASPIRATIONAL BRAND(Cf. ↑aspirational brand), COMMODITY BRAND(Cf. ↑commodity brand), CONSUMER BRAND(Cf. ↑consumer brand), DEALER'S BRAND(Cf. ↑dealer's brand), FAMILY BRAND(Cf. ↑family brand), HOUSE BRAND(Cf. ↑house brand), PRIVATE BRAND(Cf. ↑private brand), MANUFACTURER'S BRAND(Cf. ↑manufacturer's brand), NAME-BRAND(Cf. ↑name-brand), NATIONAL BRAND(Cf. ↑national brand), OWN-BRAND(Cf. ↑own-brand), SIGNATURE BRAND(Cf. ↑signature brand), STANDALONE BRAND(Cf. ↑standalone brand), STORE-BRAND(Cf. ↑store-brand)
brand UK US /brænd/ verb [T] MARKETING, COMMERCE
to give a product a particular name or label in order to sell it: »

We want these local craftsmen to realize the commercial benefits of branding these products.

brand sth as sth »

Many consumers are more likely to buy products branded as Fairtrade.

See also BRANDED(Cf. ↑branded), BRANDING(Cf. ↑branding)

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